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CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center
CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center
CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center
CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center


CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center

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Name: lathe live center taper tool, Morse taper lathe live center, Morse taper carbide center, lathe light-duty center Morse2/3/4/5, lathe machine tools accessories.

  • MWM-1912

  • tool steel T10, 40Cr, carbide


CNC Morse Taper Lathe Center Application

General Use of the CNC Morse Taper Centers

In the case of accurately repeating positioning, as a positioning reference, they can improve the clamping accuracy and reduce the vibration during the processing.

Classification: Rotary centers (live centers); Integral centers (dead centers)

Common Uses of Different Types of CNC Morse Taper Centers

Light duty CNC rotary precision live centers are mainly used for processing shaft sleeve parts on small lathes. The center hole positioning make the machined parts have high dimensional accuracy. Light duty rotary centers possess high precision, high rotary speed, they are essential accessories for small precision lathe high-speed cutting work.

Medium rotary CNC Morse taper live centers are mainly used for processing shaft sleeve parts on general lathes. With the help of center hole positioning, the machined parts have high dimensional accuracy.

Heavy-duty rotary CNC Morse taper live centers are mainly used for processing shaft sleeve parts on larger lathes. Due to the large load, they are suitable for high- speed-strong-force cutting.

The bull-nose type rotary live centers are mainly used for machining bushes and tubes parts on the lathe. They make the machined parts have high dimensional accuracy.

The CNC Morse taper dead centers are mainly used for lathes, grinding and milling machines to process shafts and bushes parts.

The CNC Morse taper carbide tips have higher hardness, thus possess better cutting performance.

Morse Taper Models have MS0/MS1/MS2/MS3/MS4/MS5/MS6 seven models, each nominal diameter in sequence is: 9.045, 12.065, 17.78, 23.825, 31.267, 44.399, 63.348.

CNC Morse Taper Lathe Live Center High Accuracy Rotary Live Center MT2 MT3 MT4 MT5 Specifications

Accuracy: 0.01mm (under zero load)

Speeds: 3000-5000rpm
Body material: 40Cr; HRC45-48

Center material: carbon tool steel T10, HRC60±2

Carbide tip material: YG8, HRC89

Bearings: domestic brand or German brand

Sample: available
Delivery: 7-30days

OEM: support

Warranty: 6 months

Package: regularly packed in carton or plastic boxes

CNC live centers-MWMECHPARTS

CNC live centers tip types-MWMECHPARTS

How is the CNC Morse Taper Rotary Live Center Made Out?

forged workblank live center-MWMECHPARTS grinding the workblank live center-MWMECHPARTS
semi-finished Morse live center taper-MWMECHPARTS semi-finished Morse live center-MWMECHPARTS

CNC High Accuracy Lathe Rotary Morse Live Center MT2 MT3 MT4 MT5 Characteristics

Dust-proof seal ring at the front, with cemented carbide on the head

The front end gland is equipped with a sealing device to prevent cutting fluid and dust from entering. The design can effectively extend the service life of the bearing center.

Morse live center carbide tip and sealed gland-MWMECHPARTS

Three-bearing design improves precision and shortens the lag time

This live center adopts precision deep groove ball bearing, thrust ball bearing and ball bearing combination. It makes the rotation very smooth.

live center three bearings--MWMECHPARTS

Quick oil filling, prolong service life

In the state of high-speed internal rotation, the lubricating oil is easy to evaporate and affect the rotation. Regular oil injection can reduce the bearing load force and effectively protect the life of the bearing.

live center oil filling hole-MWMECHPARTS

Morse Taper Lathe Live Center Packaging

Regularly packed in carton box or plastic boxes

Morse taper live center packing-MWMECHPARTS


Q: What service can you do?

A: OEM/ODM. Free samples available after price confirmed, but you need to share the sample freight. We produce the parts per customers'drawing or sample. Concerning the protection of customers'intellectual property, we don't sell our customers'same product to the third party.

Q: What data should the customer provide for a precise quotation?

A: The drawings or samples, quantity, tolerance, standard, material, surface finish, other special requirements, etc.

Q: What're your delivery methods?

A: DHL, EMS, UPS, land transport or sea freight available.

Q: How do you assure the quality control?

A: Full inspection with test report and material composition certificate for each order and 1-year after-sale service for free repair or replacement for deficit products. Almost zero repair rate and defective products all replacement or repair for free.

Q: How long is your lead time?

A: 10-30days up to the quantity.

Q: what surface treatments can you deal with?

A: Titanium nitride (TiN), TiCN, titanium plating, blackening, carburize, zinc plating, zinc coating,  galvanization, chrome plate, etc.

Q: what's your payment term?

A: T/T, L/C, western Union, PayPal, etc.

Focus on the resolutions and the figures behind 0.000mm.

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