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  • What Is The Work Tooling Of The Mechanical Industry?
    Tooling is actually the general concept of technological process devices and equipments. Different industries have different processing procedures. In order to ensure that these processes and procedures can be correctly executed, a variety of devices and tools are needed. The mechanical industry too Read More
  • Classification of The Work-Tooling
    Work-Tooling is a necessary condition for industrial production, which can not only improve production efficiency and quality, but also ensure the safety and health of workers. According to the classification of use, tooling can be divided into processing tooling, testing tooling and assembly toolin Read More
  • Make Sure Every Processing in Control Within the Tolerances
    The testing devices, such as Altimeter, 2.5 Dimension, CMM, Hardness-tester, and Vernier/Micrometer calipers, can make sure every processing in control within the tolerances.Tolerances We Can Reach:Diameter:±0.5um; axiality: 0.2um;Roundness: 0.3um; surface roughness: Ra0.04; Outside diameter process Read More
  • Material Options
    SKH51, SKD11, SKD61, S45C, SUJ2, S136, SUS440C are the most usual raw materials we choose. You can refer to other materials and standards as well. Read More
  • Surface Treatment Choices.
    Surface treatment choices Read More
Focus on the resolutions and the figures behind 0.000mm.

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