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What Is The Work Tooling Of The Mechanical Industry?

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Tooling is actually the general concept of technological process devices and equipments. Different industries have different processing procedures. In order to ensure that these processes and procedures can be correctly executed, a variety of devices and tools are needed. The mechanical industry tooling mainly refers to fixtures, tools, measuring tools, auxiliary tools… etc. Some are standard, and can be purchased; while others are specially-designed and non-standard.

All of these things involving the designing and manufacturing of these kinds of special processing equipment and work position elements, are called work tooling, which includes the manufacturing equipment, special cutters, clampers, special inspecting tools, special molds, special measuring tools, special auxiliary tools…etc.

Customized Dividing And Cutting Tooling

What is the goal of the assembly procedure design?

Assembly procedure designing needs the deep analysis of the product assembly process so that we can realize the optimal combination of the whole procedure. Its goal is to minimize the assembly cost.

Steps of assembly design

1. Evaluate. The theoretical minimum assembly time is compared with the actual assembly time to determine the assembly efficiency.

2. Develop different permutation combination assembly schemes. The parts belonging to a product system are combined and assembled in different assembly processes. Thus, different assembly methods are designed.

3. Select the optimal assembly scheme to simplify the assembly process to the maximum extent.

4. Evaluate the user's self-assembly ability.

Focus on the resolutions and the figures behind 0.000mm.

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