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Material Options

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SKH51, SKD11, SKD61, S45C, SUJ2, S136, SUS440C are the most usual raw materials we choose. You can refer to other materials and standards as well.

SKH51 high-speed steel is known for its superior wear resistance and toughness. It is commonly used for cutting tools, punches, dies and their precision die/mould parts such as mold inserts, flat ejector pins and straight ejector pins.

SKD11 high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel is known for its uniformity of hardness, high wear resistance, strength. It is suitable for trimming die, forming die, stamping die and measuring gauges with a high precision and long life time.

SKD61 can keep high tensile strength and hardness under high temperature with good wear resistance after heat treatment. So especially it can be the material for hot work dies /moulds tools and their parts.

SUJ2 has excellent performance of wear-resistance and small deformation after heat treatment, as well as with good fatigue resistance. So, it’s more suitable for wear-resistance tools, such as die/mould parts, bears, guide pillars and sleeves, guide rods, ejector pins…etc.

SUS440C stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness. It is commonly used for knife blades, surgical instruments, and top class cutlery. It is also the suitable material for injection mould, die casting mould, extrusion mould and their tools and parts.

S136 is a high-hardness high-speed steel with excellent polishing performance, suitable for making high-gloss mirror surface parts such as automotive parts, electronic products, high-speed cutting processing etc., with good wear resistance and toughness, and can resist impact and corrosion.

S45C is easy to deform and crack after heat treatment, suitable for medium strength and medium wear resistance parts and tools.

Precision mold components and non-standard precision mechanical parts usual materials.


ModelBrand SourcesSteel TypeSimilar Model
2DHA1JISCommon hot work die steel4Cr5MoSiV1H13SKD611.2344
3H13AISIUS H series hot work die steel4Cr5MoSiV1
4H21AISIUS H series hot work die steel3Cr2W8V

Common cold-work die steelCr12MoVD2SKD111.2601

Common cold-work die steelW6Mo5Cr4V2M2SKH511.3343
7440CAISICorrosion resistant plastic mould steel11Cr17440CSUS440C
8618ASSABPrehardened plastic mould steel3Cr2MoP20

9716ASSABCorrosion resistant plastic mould steel
10S45CJISCarbon structural steel45/481045S45C/S48C1.0503
11S-136ASSABCorrosion resistant plastic mould steel3Cr13/4Cr13420ESRSKS5381.2083
JISHigh Carbon Chrome Bearing SteelGCr1552100SUJ21.3505

Focus on the resolutions and the figures behind 0.000mm.

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