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Classification of The Work-Tooling

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Work-Tooling is a necessary condition for industrial production, which can not only improve production efficiency and quality, but also ensure the safety and health of workers.Test Tooling Work Fixture

According to the classification of use, tooling can be divided into processing tooling, testing tooling and assembly tooling. Processing tooling, referring to a variety of clampers, cutters, moulds and dies used to process parts, which can improve processing accuracy and efficiency. Inspection tooling referring to a variety of measuring tools, instruments and equipment used to detect the size, shape and quality of the parts, which can ensure product quality. Assembly tooling refers to types of fixtures, work-positioning devices and tools used to assemble parts. They can improve assembly efficiency and quality.

According to the structure classification, the tooling can be divided into mechanical tooling, hydraulic tooling and pneumatic tooling. Using of mechanical theories, the mechanical tooling can achieve tooling functions as clampers, cutters, dies and molds. Hydraulic tooling refers to the use of hydraulic principle to achieve tooling functions, for example: hydraulic clampers, hydraulic chucks and hydraulic molds and dies. Pneumatic tooling refers to the equipment that uses the pneumatic principle to realize the tooling function, such as pneumatic fixtures, pneumatic chucks, molds…etc.

According to the scope of application, tooling can be divided into universal tooling and special tooling. Universal tooling refers to the tooling suitable for processing and assembling a variety of products, such as common fixtures, tools, molds and dies. Special tooling refers to the tooling suitable for the application to the specific products, such as auto parts processing tooling, mobile phone assembly tooling and electronic components testing tooling.

In industrial production, choosing the correct tooling can improve production efficiency and quality, reduce costs and risks, and is an important means for enterprises to increase competition.

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